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Retractable Screens

Ecotech Windows & Doors is an Authorized Dealer of Casper Retractable Screens, We are thrilled to introduce the most technically advanced retractable screens on the market. Casper retractable screen systems  can be custom fitted to any opening including single or double French doors as well as sliding doors and even windows.
Casper Single Door Retractable Screen
Casper Double Door Retractable Screens
Casper Retractable Screen

Why Choose Casper Retractable Screens?


  • Casper Retractable Screens are available in White, Black, Sand, Almond and Brown colors. We powder coat all our aluminum door frames to ensure that our aluminum doors will not rust.

  • All doors (Single and Double Doors) are custom cut to the measurements provided. All necessary hardware (screw bit and screws) and components of the screen door are included in the DIY kit. Additional items such as threshold transition kits and slide locks can be purchased separately.

  • Simple, easy to follow measurement and installation video for homeowners as well as a dedicated Casper Support team for any additional questions that may arise.

  • Phifer© Nylon Coated Fiberglass Screen Mesh on all the doors provides for more rigidity and strength than traditional screen door meshes.

  • Easy, fully adjustable handles to raise or lower handles to accommodate for small children.

  • The cross breeze created when our screens are in use helps to cool homes naturally, which lowers energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning.

  • Full length rubberized magnetic strip that will not rust, provides a superior and tighter seal than other retractable screen magnets.

  • Lifetime Warranty on all the frame parts and components as well as a three-year Limited Warranty on the Screen Mesh.

  • Standard Single Doors can be mounted on openings up to 100” tall and 48” wide. Oversized Single Doors can be mounted on larger openings measuring 100” tall and 60” wide (Additional charge for Oversized Single Doors).

  • Standard Double Doors can be mounted on larger openings measuring 100” tall and 100” wide 

Casper Retractable Screens

Casper Retractable Screens

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Available Finishes
  • What are Casper Screens made of?
    Casper Screens uses Powder Coated Aluminum for all the frame parts that make up the screen door. This includes the housing for the screen mesh as well as the top track, bottom track and side profile. We choose aluminum for our screen doors because it is structurally the strongest material we can use for this application. We also spray all our aluminum with a powder coating because it is the Highest Quality finish for indoor/outdoor use.
  • What kind of mesh is used for the screen door?
    The mesh for Casper Screen doors is a Fiberglass Mesh with Nylon Coating. This type of mesh is stronger than a traditional screen mesh providing greater functionality as it is more rigid which in turn reduces sagging and won’t pull out of the top track as easily as other meshes on the market.
  • What kind of door can Casper Screens be installed upon?
    Casper Screen Doors can be used for Single, Sliding, Double (French) Doors and Oversized Doors. Casper Screen Doors can be used for both in swinging and out swinging doors.
  • What are the sizes that Casper Screen Doors can be installed on?
    Single Doors up to 100” tall and 60” wide. Sliding Doors up to 100” tall and 60” wide Double (French) Doors up to 100” tall and 100” wide for both doors (50” per door)
  • Are there any maintenance requirements for Casper Screen Doors?
    Casper Screen Doors require minimal maintenance. We recommend that homeowners use a vacuum once a month to clean the bottom track of their screen door. This helps to eliminate any dust, pet hair or other particles that may have accumulated in the brushes on the bottom track. Casper Screens also recommends that the screen doors be retracted when not in use especially during cold, windy and wet Winter months.
  • Will my pets be able to get through my screen door?
    Casper Screen Doors are designed to “give” a small amount if pets were to bump into them. Pets may first be confused after the screens are installed and we recommend for pet owners to make sure and familiarize their pets with the screens. Our screens are designed to prevent insects and to provide great ventilation for your home, condo or apartment.
  • What happens if someone walks into my screen?
    The mesh on Casper Screen Doors is designed to provide a small amount of “give” if someone were to walk into the screen door. If an individual was to fall or run through the screen by accident, the screen may be pulled from its housing in which case we recommend that you call Casper Screens at 858-350-9804 to have one of our certified technicians come and service the door and/ or replace the screen mesh.
  • How long does it take to get a screen door installed?
    Every Casper Screen is custom made to fit your door. We offer free in-home demonstrations and same-day installation. We cut, prep, and install your door on site for a more accurate fit. No ordering or return appointments needed. Our certified technicians can generally get a screen door installed in around an hour. Every door is different, so installation times can vary.
  • What color options are available?
    Our screen door frames come in five different colors; White, Sand, Almond, Brown, and Black. The screen mesh itself is a Charcoal Gray color.
  • What is the Product Warranty for a Casper Screen Door?
    Casper Screen Doors are so durable that we proudly offer the best warranty in the retractable screen industry! Each Casper Screen comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame parts and components and a Three Year Warranty on the screen mesh to be free from any manufacturer defects.
  • Why choose Casper Screens over other retractable screen brands?
    Casper Screens Technicians have a combined Fifteen Years of experience in the retractable screen industry! Custom cut to fit inside the door frame which provides a cleaner look. This application accommodates both in-swing and out-swing doors as well as sliding doors, front entry doors, garage doors and more. We can install a retractable screen on virtually and door! Just ask how! Powder Coated Finish on all the Aluminum parts. No chipping, peeling or color fading. Adjustable handles for all ages. Handles can be raised to keep out of small children’s hands or lowered so that they can open doors. Full length rubberized magnetic strip will not rust and provides for the tightest seal possible. Nylon Coated Fiberglass mesh made by Phifer© Mesh is stronger and more durable than standard screen mesh. Flexible pull bar meant to give instead of snap back like other retractable screens.
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