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Duralite Technology

The Duralite Insulating glass spacer is a composite laminate design that optimizes the use of a number of spacer components of warm edge polycarbonate spacer which traps air pockets between its corrugations a three sided continuous foil moisture barrier is impermeable to gas and water vapor a moisture resistant bondline adhesive and encapsulated Desiccant to keep your windows clear longer while increasing energy savings compared to other types of insulating glass spacers.

An enviro sealed window or door with Duralite insulating glass spacer is designed to Trap air inside small sealed chambers which act as insulating pillows of air that reduce energy loss this can reduce energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of a window by as much as 10%


Many windows have spacer options which can make a real difference in performance and comfort the better the glass edge insulates the less energy is lost and the more comfortable it is near the window.

HERO Program Explained


If you are looking for replacement windows or completely new windows, ecotech Windows and doors is here to help you with this important investment. Our professional installers are licensed, bonded and insured, we can retrofit your windows with high quality dual or triple pane glass, we manufacture our windows locally in San Diego, Our windows are energy efficient, we use LOW-E Glass and Duralite Spaces, you can compare our quality to other windows that are available from many other manufacturer and see we offer bigger bang for your buck all backed up by a lifetime Warranty.


Bay Windows create an open Space and a sophisticated design. They offer multiple views and allow light to stream in from different angles. These windows can be opened up from the sides for maximal air circulation.


Double Hung Windows are chosen for their unique style, they open vertically and offer easy access both lower and upper pane slide open so you can adjust the desired air flow.


Casement Windows open outward for maximal lighting and allow breeze in, these windows shut tight with a tight seas for energy efficiency and are great for hard to reach locations, these windows crank open as opposed to sliding windows and single and double hung windows.


Picture Windows are like a work of art, the allow large amounts of light usually great for high ceiling houses where lighting is needed, these window are very effective in letting lots natural light into the house, These windows are ideal in areas that ventilation is not a concern.


Awning Windows are usually installed in bedrooms that the homeowner would like to maintain privacy but still would like natural light to come in, Awning windows can be opened up slightly to allow air flow in the house.

Hopper Windows are designed for basements it is from the casement window family it is basically a casement window flipped on its side, it opens by tilting the entire pane inwards to allow air flow in.


Sliding Windows slide horizontally they open with the sash sliding left or right. People find the sliding windows easier and faster to open than crank-style awning or casement windows. Horizontal Sliders are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. Horizontal Sliders are a favorite choice for contemporary style homes and are also popular for satisfying bedroom egress requirements. They come with automatic locks that close with ease.

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